Writing and Meetings!

Hi, everybody!! I was in Nashville last week & had a great week of writing & meetings!!

I got to attend the Grammy Nominations party & say many hellos & share lots of hugs. SO much love in that town & I’m always grateful when I get back home for work or family. I also got to celebrate my older brother’s (Ronnie) 50th Birthday!!! Man, it goes fast. Mom & I & his family all had dinner at Ted’s on West End. If you ever go there, tell Kevin Doak I recommended it…;-)
My other fav meal hang is Ruth’s Chris since it’s my home away from home.

Me & Casadee Pope at Verago in Nashville…;-)
What used to be ‘The Polaris Room’ on the old Hyatt Bldg downtown Nashville….where I had my 13th birthday dinner after I got to SHAVE my legs for the FIRST time!! Had to be 13 to shave my legs OR get my ears pierced, people!!! Yep…:-/
Amazing book I read on the plane! I HIGHLY recommend!!
One month down, 2 to go, on this challenge! Whew…..I’m trying, y’all!!;-)
Gorgeous Nashville sunset near the new Convention Center (WAY cool) & the Bat bldg in the distance….pretty!

This week I’m still working on new mixes with Brian Yaskulka in Hollywood & will visit the Jeff Probst show with my friend Carly…..as a bystander this round….;-). Every girl needs a good day in a soundstage/tv taping before a nice dinner on the town!I am so grateful for everyday. I wish that for you, as well.

Today I was writing in the park with Aaron Benward & Travis Howard & Ernie Ball’s widow (Nova, I believe?) stopped by to admire our guitars! What a beautiful & sweet lady. A treat for us for sure!!
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