So, walk down memory lane with me…

This was outside my Loews hotel window in Nashville. Nice to wake up every morning to where I was born! Baptist Hospital….;-)
Not the best view of the Nashville skyline, but took the chance to grab it leaving rehearsal with Brandon Heath.
This is the house I grew up in. Moved there when I was 6 months old, left there at 22. It was a GREAT place to be. And my Mom used to push mow that yard!! No wonder she’s STILL in great shape….;-)
Goodlettsville First Baptist Church……
Softball, choir, mission trips, camp, lock-ins….great times here. Roots in Jesus. Gotta love it!
Goodlettsville Elementary School….
K-6th grade, people!! There was no ‘middle school’ between the 70’s & 80’s. At least not where I’m from. We went straight to Jr. High School…..
And Jr. High was here….at Goodlettsville High School. 7th-9th grades were basically in the left building in the picture and 10th-12th grades were in the main bldg you see & to the right, along with the portables in the back of campus near the football field. This school was rockin’ from 1917-1986! The Trojans have a great history. I believe Rita Coolidge even went there!
I was a Jr. & Sr. High Cheerleader, directed plays there, was DAR Medalist, Student Body President, & Most Likely To Succeed. It is now a middle school & Hunters Lane is the Comprehensive High School. It was a supremely cool place & great to be in such a tight community from Kindergarten through 12th grade…..!
G’ville Trojans football field where I cheered. Was a big deal back in it’s prime!
This is Pleasant Green Plunge (hee-hee…still makes me laugh!) where all our friends would hang in the summer. The classic rock was always crankin’ (back when it wasn’t “classic”!) & some of my fondest early music memories started here…;-)
This is Rivergate Skate Center where we rolled & flirted our ‘Tweens’ away. And, no….the word “Tweens” did NOT exist in the eighties! The smell of ‘pizza by the slice’ STILL reminds me of this place!
thank goodness some things never change! 😉
This was a dock next to the General Jackson showboat that I worked on some (at Opryland on the Cumberland River) during college breaks from UT Knoxville. Couldn’t be late to work or you would SERIOUSLY ‘miss the boat!’ We made $9+/hr PLUS tips, even back then, which was a GREAT gig in paying for college! Wow.
My first steps into the back entrance of the Opry as a guest performer.Done things in the building but never as a guest ON the Opry itself.Thank you Brandon Heath & the Opry, for having me. It was great!!!
Me & Brandon Heath in the dressing room.BTW….this was my first time to sing sing my surgeries & health stuff this summer.God was gracious that night…;-)
Little Jimmy Dickens leaving his se.
Opry side stage thanks to Alicia Pruitt for assisting with the iPad & the Sisterhood! 😉
This is how I felt after singing with Brandon Heath on the Opry!
And….back to where it all started…
Baptist Hospital!What an amazing day in Nashville…..
MY hometown.
Night y’all!
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