Prime Country Declares Tuesday, November 26th “DEANA DAY”!

PRIMeCountrySiriusXMPrime Country Declares Tuesday, November 26th “DEANA DAY”! 





Prime Country is Celebrating Deana Carter’s new Album “Southern Way of Life”, available Cyber Monday, by playing Deana’s music including all her NEW SONGS! 😉 Sirius XM Channel 58





Track Listing:

1.     You Can’t Stay

2.     Before You Left

3.     I Know Better

4.     I’ll Save My Love

5.     I Don’t Want To

6.     That’s Just Me

7.     Waiting For You

8.     I Barely Knew

9.     Do or Die (video and first single)

10.   Southern Way of Life

Keep up to date with Deana Carter by the following:

Twitter:   @deanasings

Instagram: Deanatunes

Pintrest: Deanatunes


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