News and Views Interview with country artist Deana Carter


News & Views publisher Tim Collins, and his son Dylan got the chance to ask some in-depth questions to country star Deana Carter on the day after she released her new CD “Southern Way of Life”.


She was such a genuine person, and very easy to talk to. Here is the interview.



Tim: Hey Deana – thanks for taking the time to interview with us. I bet you have a pretty busy schedule right now, since you just released your new album “Southern Way of Life”.

Deana: Oh yeah it is.

Tim: How many interviews are you doing a day?

Deana: Honestly, it’s not too crazy. It’s just that I am in between having to write for a Nashville show, and traveling, and being a mom – I’ve got football practice this afternoon. (Laughs) it’s like, “Who am I?,…Where am I?” (laughs again)

Tim: You just need to figure out how to clone yourself!

Deana: I know. Absolutely. I don’t think anybody could handle THAT.

Tim: Congratulations on the new album!

Deana: Thank you!

Tim: Do you have a personal favorite song on the new album?


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