?attachment_id=3401As we’re on the runway taking off from Vegas this morning (I had a show last night), I realize that we’re taking off the exact same way we landed…with the MGM Grand on my left. I took note of the Michael Jackson tribute show banner when we landed & I am looking at the same image again, with it on my left…. only this time, I’m taking off instead of landing…..leaving instead of arriving, going instead of coming.

And Michael Jackson is no longer here but a tribute show goes on.

Being a ‘thinker’ (of course), I found parallels. The old saying is true, “that we bring nothing into this world & we can take nothing out of it” (in a tangible sense)….but what do we do on our ‘trip’….while we’re here? What kind of LIFE or LOVE are we making & leaving?

There’s a reason the slogan states, “What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!” Do we do things here (in life) that ‘stay’ here or that we’d never want admit or ‘take with us’ or is it really even a quandary at all? Hmmm…?

In Vegas, the same casinos & hotels that potentially deplete the finances of regular patrons can also hold business & corporate conferences that create jobs & mastermind the launch of economic growth & vision. Vegas weddings are touted (w/ELVIS officiating) & advertised in the same spaces as risqué shows & strip clubs that can ruin a marriage…(note: a wedding & a marriage are two VERY different things!)
The juxtaposition of these things goes on & on & on….& obviously, not just in Vegas.

So, I ponder the weight of ‘choice.’ And heavy it can be. Do we have too many choices? Too much freedom?
“To whom much is given, much is required.” Aren’t we ALL given ‘much’? Therefore, shouldn’t we all consider the real depth of our choices? And, I don’t just mean the ‘BIG’ ones. I mean the small ones too (I’m preaching to myself here, people!)
After all, we have many more small choices that shape our lives than the big ones, making them little integrity stepping stones along the way. This is another angle on the ‘much’ in “much is given.” Choices don’t have to be large to be ‘much’, the little, even tiny ones, are usually more.

God says that He made us “in His own image.” (Genesis 1:26) This means many things to me, but first that we are the only living creature given the gift of choice or free will. (Genesis 2:7) We are set apart from all other beautifully & purposefully created things (hence the debunking of ‘evolution’, but more on that later), so that we can have an authentic two-way relationship with Him. He created us because He wanted a relationship. A love. To give it & to receive it. To mutually share it.

Even God will not force someone’s hand or heart to be or act in a way that is not what they choose on their own. He even gave us the ultimate gift of Christ to cover our sin, but we still have to CHOOSE to accept that & reciprocate that ultimate love. So, I wonder if God ever feels like saying.. “Is Love really worth Making….if I’m just gonna get ignored, blasphemed, & taken out of everything I created?” I wouldn’t blame Him if He did say that. But He didn’t & He doesn’t.

A contract does not guarantee loyalty nor does a wedding ring protect faithfulness. It is a matter of the heart. Just as we can’t make someone love us or make the right choices, God is a gentleman & let’s us execute our free will on a daily basis, the will HE gifted to us, by the way. And, He hopes that we will choose Him. He is always FOR us & always chooses us & wants us to choose well, just like we hope the same for our children & loved ones.

Been doing this a LOT lately! And it never fails to take my breath away! #beautiful

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So…what do we do on our trip? Do we gamble away our inheritance or do we invest in the future? Do we love God back or do we ignore Him? I have done both on many levels and find that the investment ‘choice’ is always worth the price in the long run. And there is nothing worth losing what God’s love has provided. We were created to live a privileged life in & with Him. Are we utilizing our privilege of ‘choice’ to thrive in that light?
Again, it’s a choice. 😉

Be blessed!!

“Love Ain’t Worth Making” from Did I Shave My Legs for This?

Why did you have to forsake me
Couldn’t you tell me goodbye
I’ve been waking up lately with tears in my eyes
Love Ain’t worth making when it makes you the fool
A chance ain’t worth taking
My heart is breaking
when she’s holding youYou don’t know how happy you made me
Couldn’t you give it one more try
I know her arms are waiting to hold you tonight
Love Ain’t worth making when it makes you the fool
A chance ain’t worth taking
My heart is breaking
when she’s holding youSo go on and pack up whats left
Of all that we shared
You’re leaving me lonely tonight
Love Ain’t worth making when it makes you the fool
A chance ain’t worth taking
My heart is breaking
when she’s holding you
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