INTERVIEW: CMA Award Winner and Grammy Nominee Deana Carter

KeepinItCountry-logoShe is likely best known for her debut single, “Strawberry Wine,” but singer/songwriter Deana Carter has a plethora of albums, songwriting credits, award nominations, and a CMA Award on her shelf. Admittedly, I bought Deana’s first album in 1996 (with the hologram cover, thank you very much!) and I couldn’t resist kicking off our interview with a play on the CMA Awards Album of the Year Nominee Did I Shave My Legs For This? So, to answer the burning question you all have, no, Deana did not, in fact, shave her legs for our interview. She also did not imbibe any strawberry wine because “it’s not Friday yet!” After I got these (likely) very much anticipated references to Deana’s breakout project out of the way, I was able to hone in on what this talented, poised, hardworking, and unbelievably sweet musician has been doing as of late.

While you might not have heard the name Deana Carter for a bit, Deana did not completely leave the music scene for any extended period of time. Quite contrarily, the daughter of renowned musician, Fred Carter, Jr., was caring for her young son while feverishly writing for herself and other musicians. Specifically, Deana is one of the brilliant writers behind the song that was made famous by Kenny Chesney, “You and Tequila” (a song previously recorded by Deana herself). The success of “Tequila” allowed Deana to branch out and create her own record label, Little Nugget Records (in memory of her father and his former record label, Nugget Records), in order to start putting her own music out again.

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