In Nashville, I love my Hometown

Nashville Starbucks! No cowboy hats here. Great, cozy urban vibe…..looks like they should offer a grande kahlua & coffee by the fire. I wish!
Backseat sedan pic…..skyline too beautiful to capture!
This a little better but you have to stand in this city to soak up it’s real aura. I love my hometown!!!
Foreground (from the Loews garage) is the Hutton, where some of the cast & crew of ‘Nashville’ stay while they’re here……
An amazing gift to Lu-HUV the people you work with! Like my Chica, Alicia!!
Me & Connie (best friends since we were 4!!) hitting El Chico at Rivergate. It used to be IN the mall & was our Fav spot, so we still go there….even though it’s OUTSIDE the mall, now that we can drive…;-)
[jwplayer mediaid=”727″] Made it to my nieces’ Halloween performance. Kate is far left on trumpet & Alex is in front of the conductor for her flute solos. Jackie (niece #3), Ronnie (my bro), & Cheryl (my sis-in-law) were sitting with me. Love being able to hang with them!
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