I’m Making Hayes’ Birthday Cake!

So….my son, Hayes, is wild about everything Titanic,
so…..I decided to make his cake for his 8th birthday this past weekend. Here’s a few shots of the process:I baked a basic vanilla cake (from the box) with white buttercream icing. After it totally cooled, I began icing it with room temperature icing. The key is to ice it with a very thin layer first, then let the icing set in the fridge between icing rounds. This prevents crumbs from spreading in the icing. A very helpful hint I found online!
A first for me but very exciting!
Here’s the icing completed with smooth outer sides & a rough top surface to simulate ‘waves’…;-)
I forgot to mention placing wax paper under the edges for a smooth, clean, icing free presentation board under the cake, to be removed later….
The next step was to do a few costs of blue food color spray mist on just the top to create the ‘chilky, rough ocean’. Note my overspray at the top left corner, hence my gratitude for the presence of wax paper! ;-)
I ordered a Titanic desk set’ online from Amazon that was originally going to one of his gifts. When it showed up & was much smaller than I had thought, I just made it the cake topper! I placed the iceberg & sinking Titanic ship firmly INTO the cake so they would stay secure. Teeny tiny lifeboats to follow….
I removed the wax paper from the edges & finished them with white icing from a can with a decorative tip. I purchased fondant & cutouts for the lettering from Michaels but didn’t have time to go that fancy, so….I opted for cut out sugar letters & numbers instead. Much easier but I’m saving the fondant for sure. Beware that the sugar letters pick up the icing coloring very easily, so placement can be precarious. Anyhoo, I placed the letters & numbers, then the little life boats, placed the cake in a store bought box, and…..voila! So fun AND cool!
And I had a very happy birthday boy!! If I can do this? YOU can do this!!Have fun, a great week, & thanks for checking in to this week’s blog!
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  1. If you haven’t already you should be sure to take your son to Pigeon Forge to the Titantic museum. I live in the area my son Bradley is the same age as Hayes….he loved it I though it was pretty cool too.

  2. hey deanna,
    i met you in cancun, january 1994. i can’t believe that was almost 19 years ago. you were with scott somebody. we all spent the week together. i was with my parents so y’all made my vacation, and then some.
    i’ve got your cd’s and have a wonderful time and terrific memories listening to them.

  3. WOW! Beautiful, talented and an expert cake baker. I just dropped in to see what you’re up to. I saw you in 2001 at the Temple Theater in Tacoma, Washington and I’ll NEVER forget it. You were incredible, Deanna. Hope to see you on the road again someday. Happy belated birthday to Hayes and hope you both had a great day.


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