How does one respond to a Grammy nomination?

Okay, so how does one respond to a phone call from her publisher (Alicia) regarding Grammy nomination? WELL. Here’s how:

1. You hear the phone ring.
2. You wonder, “Why is the heck is the phone ringing at THIS hour on a school night?” Fearing the worst, you answer it.
3. You excuse yourself from the family viewing of Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’, of course, and head to your computer as instructed from your publisher (Alicia) on the other end of the line.
4. You follow instructions & prompts on the Grammy website, as directed, that reveals YOUR SONG in the nominated category!
5. You jump up and down screaming, “You have GOT to be kidding me? Seriously??” (…to the ‘shhhh’s’ & ‘what’s going ons’ of the little people in front of the rare tv time).
6. You soak up a warm kiss from your husband & shrill screams of pride from the tikes after announcing the news, wondering what THEY’RE going to wear to the Awards. (SO cute)
7. You post it all over creation before bedtime.
8. You thank God for such blessings and for walking you through so many trials to get to these moments of sheer bliss & gratitude.
9. You lay in your bed just staring at the ceiling, so grateful at the wonderment of it all..then drift off to sleep, with a smile on your face.
10. Then you put it on your website!

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