How Deana Carter’s Debut Album Busted the Glass Ceiling Celebrating its 20th anniversary this week, ‘Did I Shave My Legs for This?’ changed the game for women in country music – but it was a bumpy ride getting there


A steamy, romantic summer gives way to a melancholic autumn for a young woman who must now console herself with bittersweet memories of her first, fleeting love. That sounds like a blurb on the back of a young adult novel, but it’s actually the vividly detailed storyline of “Strawberry Wine,” a now-classic song built around the recollections of a burgeoning songwriter and brought to life by a former high-school cheerleader. Years beyond the true-life events that inspired the five-minute waltz penned by Maraca Berg with Gary Harrison, another fall would bring the U.S. release of Deana Carter’s breezy Did I Shave My Legs for This?, as its infectious lead single was climbing the country charts on its way to Number One. Read More Original Source

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