Grammy-Nominated Singer Deana Carter to Perform In Memoriam Tribute


 Sunday, October 30, 2016

 The Paley Center for Media, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The Carney Awards
They are memorable, illustrious, noteworthy and unforgettable.  Yet when award season rolls around every year, they are all but forgotten.

You may not know their names, but you know their faces.  They are character actors, and they are the mainstay and backbone of every film and television show.

Named after one of the greatest character actors of all time, Art Carney has appeared in over a hundred films and television shows.  He has received seven Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his performance in ‘Harry and Tonto.’  Yet he will be most remembered for his role as Ralph Kramden’s goofy neighbor in the ‘Honeymooners’… Ed Norton. MORE

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