Deana stops by Fox Los Angeles to talk about her new album, Southern Way of Life

“They gave me legs to get back in the saddle”

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV    You can find Deana’s new album, Southern Way of Life on Buy now on iTunes AmazonLogo fox-los ángeles Deana Carter “Well, we might only get one shot so you want the best title that you can come up with.” That’s Deana Carter talking to Tony and Maria about the title of her smash debut album, “Did I Shave My Legs For This?”. After taking some time off, Deana is back in force with a new album, “Southern Way of Life”. Deana explained Thursday morning that she took a break from the biz for her son. “I was pregnant with him doing a record, The Story of My Life, and then on the road we had a crib in the back of the bus and he learned to walk on the bus and so when he started school…I realized I was missing a play here and things that were important so I decided to pull back and just gradually faded out and just totally focus on him…He asked me a few years ago, he said ‘mama, did you get fired? What happened to you, you’re not on TV anymore’.” So has being a mother changed what and how she writes? “My conscience was a lot more pierced in what I was saying. Making sure I’m setting a good example and dig deeper to say more meaningful things.” Deana says she gradually worked her way back into the biz by writing. She penned the Kenny Chesney hit “You and Tequila”, and that ended up being the key to her getting back into the fold. “Kenny kind of funded this record for me…the success of that (You and Tequila) gave me legs to get back in the saddle and go back to Nashville, it really pulled me back in the loop and people just opened arms, they wanted to work with me again.” Deana says her sudden resurgence feels as unexpected as it did back in 1996 when “Strawberry Wine” blasted onto the charts. “It was so unexpected too, it was a 5 minute waltz pretty much, and at the time it took a long time back in the day to get legs and for it to climb up the charts, and that’s back when people would call in and we were going to radio stations, and so it was really fun to experience it that way.” “Southern way of Life” is out now. Deana’s holiday album “Father Christmas” has also just been re-released. Read more: Deana’s holiday album “Father Christmas” has also just been re-released. Deana’s CD ‘Southern Way Of Life’ is out now, and her CD ‘Father Christmas’ has been re-released just in time for the holidays. Read more: Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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