Deana Carter – Southern Belle Fest

southernBelle_lFest_ogoThe epitome of southern Belle; class, style and stunning beauty. Deana is eternally optimistic with a special glow and uncany sense of knowing, is how I would best describe her. Her gaze has a gentle calming effect on me, ..I mean “men”. I knew her before she was famous. I would listen to her sing and tell her “You have such a amazing voice. ” No, I don’t… Deana would say, I’m a stylist”. She would spend most of her days working in the studio leading up to her assault on the music industry. She made more demo’s than anyone I’ve known. I would offer her advice and she would just smile. I told all my friends how much I admired her drive and motivation to which they laughed and said, “yeah, we know why you like.. Deana”.
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