Deana Carter playing Sunset Station Sat, Sep 6

Las Vegas Review-JournalBy Jason Bracelin

Deana Carter’s on a ladder trimming the ivy on the roof of her house with a pair of scissors. “If you could see me right now,” she laughs. “It’s pretty funny.” This explains the shaky cellphone connection. It also explains plenty about Carter herself. Above all else, the country singer is a hands-on kind of woman. This goes for music and home improvement projects alike. This trait has both defined Carter and threatened to derail her career, at times.

When she first began making a name for herself in the mid-’90s, breaking big with her five-times-platinum 1996 debut “Did I Shave My Legs for This?,” it wasn’t commonplace for a female artist to be writing her own songs, producing her own records and exerting the kind of control over the direction of her career that Carter did. Read Article

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