Deana Carter Out With Southern Way of Life in December Songs in New Album Echo Incidents from Her Own History


“I’ve been doing all this business stuff,” Deana Carter groans. “You have no idea how wonderful it is to sit and talk about the music.”

Carter has much to talk about. After a six-year hiatus from recording, the “Strawberry Wine” singer is back with a plucky new album, Southern Way of Life, for which she wrote or co-wrote all the songs.

Among the “business stuff” Carter refers to is producing the album, setting up her own label and arranging for the album to be distributed and promoted. It was a lot of bases to cover, but now she’s done it.

So back to the music.

“Honestly, these songs come out of just getting back into writing seriously,” she says, chatting with by phone from her home in Los Angeles. “I signed with Warner Chappell [Music Publishing], and I just started writing a whole lot and going back to Nashville a lot.

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