Deana Carter on Jesus Calling



  • There’s Beauty In Your Brokenness: Deana Carter & Leah Darrow – Jesus Calling Podcast Episode #84

    A Life Filled With Music

    Deana:   I’m Deana Carter not De-anna.  People call me De-anna. They have my whole life. But it’s DEE-NA, and I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’ve been in California for 18 years. 

    My son is 13 and I’m a single mom right now.

    I’ve been in country music my whole life. Being around Nashville, my parents were in the music business. I grew up in it. I grew up in the studio in Nashville. I grew up in that community, and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a special place.

    My church life growing up was we went to Goodlettsville First Baptist Church, and my mom made sure that we were there Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night…


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