Deana Carter Goes All In: If New Album Doesn’t Succeed, ‘I Will Go Down Smiling’

billboard_LogoOn “Cyber Monday,” Dec. 2, Deana Carter will release her first disc of all-new music since 2005. The digital release of “Southern Way of Life” is something that the country singer says she is very excited about, and also a project that reflects several years of living.


“There’s been a lot of writing, and a lot of living,” Carter tells Billboard. “I’ve been through a lot. I pulled back to focus on my son. He’s at the age where he’s starting school, and having his experiences. Now, he’s in the fourth grade, and saying ‘When are you gonna sing again?’ and when your son says that to you, you think ‘Maybe I should do that.’ So, I’ve been through a lot over the past couple of years, trying to process that, and write my way through it.”


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