Deana Carter Continues to Keep Her “Plates Twirling” in Music

Original article from Taste Of Country.

It has been four years since Deana Carter has released new music to her fans, but that doesn’t mean the ˜Strawberry Wine” singer-songwriter has vanished from the music scene. While her hits from the ’90s remain in regular rotation on country radio, Carter is thrilled at her latest achievement: having a Kenny Chesney cut with his current single, ˜You and Tequila.”

During her downtime, Carter got married, then remarried, and is now the step-mother to a 9-year-old daughter, in addition to raising her 7-year-old son. Life has been like, ˜Buckle up!”™ around here, Carter tells Taste of Country with laughter. “I was pretty busy doing shows until my son got into kindergarten, and then it was like [makes a car screeching to a stop sound]. I was still doing a few shows, but I really slowed things down on the touring side because obviously I want to be with him. There’s just stuff I don’t want to miss. It’s such a precious age, and they grow up so fast.”

Carter still is managing to play select shows, but spends a majority of her time on the west coast where she resides with her family and has been focusing on her songwriting. Besides the current Chesney hit that debuted this week at No. 44 on the charts, Carter has found herself with other tunes on hold with the likes of ‘Rascal Flatts‘ and Cher. I’ve been writing like crazy for the last year and a half,’ Carter says. I’ll see how it all turns out. The Kenny song is awesome it’s an exciting thing to have going for me right now”

As far as releasing new music in the future, Carter says there’s always the possibility that will happen. “I’ve got so many songs that I’ve written, so we’re talking about doing a record on my own and finding a home for it”, she says. ‘Im really excited. I’d love to do it. Right now my focus is on a lot of songwriting, but there are some really cool production projects that are coming in for me to produce right now, which is amazing. Then, there’s a few shows coming in for this summer. I always want to try and keep all my plates twirling if I can”

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  1. I heard you sing the “Hey Rain” song at one of your shows! The lyrics still haunt the back of my mind, “I believe there’s something you should know, the rain and I believe before you go, that you, should leave behind a rainbow, and today, I really need a rainbow”. I am so in love with the melody and tune! Please record it! For me?

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