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  • Deana-Southern-Way-Of-Life-Cover

    Southern Way of Life

    Released November 20, 2001
    Label: Little Nugget Red River

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    • You Can’t Stay
    • Before You Left
    • I Know Better
    •  I’ll Save My Love
    • I Don’t Want To
    • That’s Just Me
    •  Waiting For You
    •  I Barely Knew
    • Do or Die (video and first single)
    • Southern Way of Life
  • The Chain
    Released October 9, 2007
    Label:Vanguard Records

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    • Crying
    • Help Me Make It Through the Night (with Kris Kristofferson)
    •  Love Is Like a Butterfly (with Dolly Parton)
    • The Boxer (with Harper Simon and Paul Simon)
    •  Lay Lady Lay
    •  The Weight
    • I’m Not Lisa (with Jessi Colter)
    •  Swingin’ (with Jon Anderson)
    • On the Road Again (with Willie Nelson)
    • Good Hearted Woman (with Shooter Jennings)
    • He Still Thinks I Care (with George Jones)
    • Old Man