• Deana Carter at the Piano Bar in Hollywood (video)

    Hollywood’s Piano Bar heard its last tunes on Sunday! Many came out to say their good-byes! The place was full  with no room to move…it rocked! There were special guests appearances… Enjoy these videos of Deana and the Band and please subscribe to Deana’s youtube for more videos@officialdeanacarter  


    “That’s Just Me” from Southern Way Of Life album. View more videos here, on my youtube channel, and please subscribe. xoxo Deana   // That’s Just Me – Deana Carter  Lyrics// There’s a burned out bulb on the Café sign Feels just like this heart of mine When I untie these apron strings Tonight I’m gonna spread […]


    Surprise!! Here’s a preview of my new video- it will be released soon. “That’s Just Me” from Southern Way Of Life album. I hope you like! Let me know what y’all think in the comments. 😉 View more videos here…on my youtube channel, and Subscribe. xoxo Deana    

  • Something for inspiration

    There are good people.  Wow! How sweet ! People can make a difference…  Here are just a few examples: The man who gave the shoes off his feet to this homeless girl. Source: This motorist that stopped to help an old man pass safely. Source: This barber, who offers haircuts for the price of a […]

  • Daily Birthday Giveaway

    I can’t have cake with you but …I’m celebrating with you  by giving away one CD today. So, if it’s your birthday today,   and you are the first to comment,  I will send you my latest music as a gift!   The Rules: No cheating! 😉 It must be your birthday. Be the first to […]


    Okay, so… Today, In filling out some tedious paperwork for a trip and having a ‘MAJOR epiphany’… I have to ask myself this question…”Why is my ’emergency contact person’….my actual ‘EMERGENCY’?? (…pause for a non-exclusive blonde thought on this, then….dead silence….then explosive, snot-wielding laughter!!!!) What a question? What an obvious question & what a ridiculous […]


    As we’re on the runway taking off from Vegas this morning (I had a show last night), I realize that we’re taking off the exact same way we landed…with the MGM Grand on my left. I took note of the Michael Jackson tribute show banner when we landed & I am looking at the same […]

  • Count Me In

    Well… It’s been a while. It’s actually been a while for a lot of things. I haven’t blogged in quite some time because frankly, this song title is a test. A test of faith and perseverance. It was originally written many years ago, but it’s almost hysterically ironic that it is still a speed bump […]

  • Deana Carter In New York City.

    In the cold and in the rain…A Deana and Hayes Happy Spring Break in NYC… From sight seeing , Lady liberty, Ellis Island, Meeting with our friend , Alex, in Times Square, visiting 9-11 Memorial to FAO Schwatrz and more !

  • We Danced Anyway

    We Danced Anyway Some people aren’t aware that there were two versions of the album ‘Did I Shave My Legs For This?’ There’s the original version (the first version) that I co-produced with Jimmy Bowen who signed me to Capitol Records. It was very different from the current version that you guys are familiar with, […]

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  • TGIF-isodes

    Join Deana for a look back on this week and looking forward to the week ahead through Biblical truth. New episode every Friday!  More videos on my channel.
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