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CMTNews-a conversationWithDeanaCarterA Conversation With Deana Carter
“I’m Back in It, and That’s Where I’m Supposed to Be”
by Samantha Stephens 2/26/2016

It’s 2003, and Deana Carter is out on tour with Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban, promoting her album I’m Just a Girl and songs like “There’s No Limit” and “You and Tequila,” which would later become a life-changing track for the singer, thanks to Chesney.

She’s riding high and living her dream with tremendous success from hits like “Strawberry Wine,” “We Danced Anyway” and “How Do I Get There” But if there’s one constant in the music business and in life, it’s change.

And soon Carter’s life would become a series of changes — some welcome ones like the birth of a son in 2004 and some not-so-welcome ones like failed relationships and numerous jumps from one record label to another.

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