11 May 2017 West Hollywood, CA (USA)


Time : 8:00PM
Venue : The Roxy West Hollywood
Address : 9009 West Sunset Blvd
State : CA
Zip : 90069
Contact Website : http://www.theroxy.com/event/1447432-buildon-benefit-100-year-west-hollywood/

Combine angst, joy, endurance, love, and pain, for the modern day incarnate of The 100 Year War. Welsh-born musician Paul Freeman founded The 100 Year War with drummer Carl Alty. Their debut album release, “Kingdom of Dreams,” is produced by Kevin Savigar.

Freeman plays guitar, keyboards, and bass on the album. He sings all vocals, with the exception of The Santa Clarita Vocal Choir on “Shotgun.” The album features the stellar, military-esque drumming style of Carl Alty. Liverpudlian Alty toured with Freeman, and has performed in opening acts for such artists as Elton John and Babyshambles.

Producer Kevin Savigar is known for his many collaborations with Rod Stewart, and he has worked with George Harrison, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, among others.

Paul Freeman has toured extensively worldwide. He toured with James Blunt, playing guitar on the recording of “You’re Beautiful.” He has opened for Roger Daltrey, Joe Cocker and Chris Cornell. He played guitar and sang on tour with Ron Wood, Todd Rundgren, Roger Daltrey, and Steve Winwood. Paul’s songs have been covered by Meat Loaf, Robbie Williams and Mark Owen of Take That. He has co-authored songs with Deana Carter and Carol Bayer Sager. His songs have been featured on Fox Network and ABC Family programs.

“Start Again,” the first song on “Kingdom of Dreams,” echoes rebirth and evolution after life’s inevitable struggles. The title track “Kingdom of Dreams” follows on from that, and with a wry smile, points to where we now stand as a society. The track “Heroes” articulates the “perception versus reality” aspect of a venerated war hero’s lifetime.

“The 100 Year War” brings to mind the British/French “Hundred Years’ War” of the European High Middle Ages. The name was, however, inspired by a conversation Freeman had with his grandmother on her 100th birthday. “She had lived through two world wars, and experienced air raids and hiding in bomb shelters,” he recalls. “Over the course of 100 years, it seemed little had changed. Despite the fact that technology has moved forward a great deal, from a personal and spiritual level, humanity has not changed at all. History continues to repeat itself, with war, poverty, recession, and immigration issues. We’re still chasing the same things. It was as if history was cyclical, and society didn’t learn from its mistakes. The number 100 was ‘in the ether’ and hence the inspiration for The 100 Year War name.”